Star of Bethlehem 2015

During the first three weeks of December there will be 14 public presentations of Star of Bethlehem 2015. If you are interested in booking a private group presentation of Star of Bethlehem 2015 December 7-21 call Kathleen Lotter soon, we still have a few available slots.

As is our custom, Star of Bethlehem 2015 has been revised to reflect the December 2015 night sky. New for this year: we will share the latest “just in from the New Horizons spacecraft.” New Horizons is still transmitting Hi-Rez imagery and data from its July 14th flyby of Pluto as it travels to its next destination.

Also during the pre-show following your ticket purchase, we will revisit the Venus-Jupiter conjunctions of this year. These conjunctions were very similar to what the Wisemen observed in 2 BC. Hopefully you saw them in the early evening summer twilight and the October predawn sky.

The program schedule and ticket prices can be found on our Public Programs page.

Read more about the 2014-15 Venus-Jupiter conjunctions and their relationship to what the Wisemen might have seen for the June-July 2015 conjunction and theOctober-November 2015 conjunction.

We look forward to seeing you, family and friends during December’s Star of Bethlehem.

Happy Holidays from the staff of the Schouweiler Planetarium