Eclipse Visitors and Clouds

A special thanks goes to those who braved the elements to join us for the eclipse. We especially enjoyed meeting first timers to our facility, many from nearby neighborhoods.

Some thirty folks came by the Planetarium parking lot to view the Lunar Eclipse Sunday evening September 27. The weather was terrible: mist, occasional drizzle, and heavy clouds. However, the patience of many was rewarded with occasional few minute glimpses of the partially eclipsed moon through slight breaks in the clouds. We even got a quick look or two of the totally eclipsed moon.

By mid-eclipse it was apparent that the clouds were not going to thin again for some time. All had left by 11 PM. I got home at about 12:10 AM just in time for a major clearing and watched the last 10 minutes or so through bird watching binoculars. Terrific! I watched as the Moon’s “Sea of Crises” came out of the Earth’s shadow.

Our Fort Wayne Astronomical Society partners also had about 30 hearty visitors to their New Haven-Jefferson Township Park observatory, where the weather of course was the same yuck we experienced on campus. (AVP)