The Schouweiler Adds Additional Program Category For Group Programs

In recent years we have learned that some of our private group clients require a bit more “live hands on time” than our basic planetarium experience. For these groups our 2-Fer provides much more time than they need.

In addition to our 90-minute Basic Planetarium Experience and our Four hour, 2 show, 2-Fer Planetarium Experience we have added an Extended Planetarium Experience. The extended experience, like the basic, is one show and an extended staff lead customized live session that totals more than 90 minutes and less than 21/4 hours. Time and small additional surcharge of up to $1/per student to defray additional staff development and presentation time. The Planetarium Director and the group leader will work out the time and surcharge, during the planning of the customized segment.

We think Scout Groups working on badges, etc., and Home School groups will find the “Extended Planetarium Experience” helpful.