The Schouweiler Planetarium Experience

Attendees to our public and private group planetarium experiences know that each 90-minute experience consists of 2 parts: a pre-produced multi-media “show” and a staff led live participation session.

For our public planetarium experiences the live staff led session consists of a tour of the current night sky, as well as star chart and basic naked eye viewing skills.

Our private group planetarium experiences generally follow the same format with one exception. Because each group is unique in terms of content needs, age abilities, size and interest; no pre-produced multi-media show can totally address the needs of each group. We therefore encourage our group clients to request a “customized” live staff session to emphasize particular content items and enhance the group’s learning experience. For a customized group experience the staff led tour of the sky will be adjusted appropriately to allow for the group’s specific customization within the alloted time. Our group event pricing is based on the pre-produced show price and there is no additional charge for the live session whether or not it is customized.

Upon booking your group’s planetarium experience, be sure to make your questions and needs known. The booking secretary will then arrange for the planetarium director to contact you about options and to design your live session.

This process will happen automatically when you inquire about booking one of our “2-Fer” Planetarium Experiences of approximate 4 hours duration. 2-Fers include 2 pre-produced shows and 2 hours of live staff led learning modules. The group show listing pages will soon become more specific in suggesting some possible live session customization modules.