Explorers of Polynesia

Audience: 5th Grade-Adult

Total Time: 90 minutes – includes planetarium show and a staff-led live sky tour.

Sail the Pacific in a 60-foot Hawaiian voyaging canoe, navigate by the stars as explorers from Asia did when they settled Polynesia thousands of years ago and take a glimpse of our current exploration of near-earth space.

“Explorers of Polynesia” is not just another astronomy show. It also applies to groups interested in cultural history and anthropology.

Live segments are interactive and involve the audience in identifying stars and constellations used for navigating in the northern and southern hemispheres.

In consultation with the group’s leadership prior to your visit, the live section following presentation of “Explorers of Polynesia” can be customized to accommodate your group’s interests or educational standards.

“Explorers of Polynesia” would be an excellent choice to pair with either “Explorers of Mauna Kea” or “Explorers of the International Space Station” as a Two-Fer experience for your class or group.