About Us

The mission of the Edwin Clark Schouweiler Memorial Planetarium is to provide astronomical and space sciences resources to the University of Saint Francis and the greater Fort Wayne community in a manner and style consistent with Franciscan values.

  • Community Education
  • Public Shows
  • School and Special Needs Education Programming
  • University Programming and Resourcing

On the south bank of Mirror Lake on the USF campus is the beautiful Achatz Hall of Science. As you enter and turn right, you’ll find a room best described as “out of this world.” It’s the Edwin Clark Schouweiler Planetarium.

Under the 30-foot projection dome are 75 seats. At the center of the room is a Spitz Model A4 projector, with the capacity of showing the sky as it appears on any night of any year, anywhere on Earth. The machine projects 2,100 stars, the Milky Way, sun, moon and the positions of the five planets visible to the naked eye.

In addition to the main star projector there are many auxiliary projectors that simulate the constellations, comets, meteors, auroras and galaxies. Special effect projectors mounted around the cove of the room illustrate the functions of various celestial bodies, satellites, space ships and other effects.