To be precise, there will be three groups of events, although the Planetarium cannot really take credit for the first. It is a gift of Creation.


Now in progress in the western sky every evening from about 40 minutes after sunset until 11 PM depending upon your viewing site. A close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, with Venus moving closer to Jupiter each night until they appear to almost touch on June 30 and July 1, and then begin to separate. The event will be over before the end of July when Venus and Jupiter will set into the glow of the sunset. Their next appearance will be in the early morning twilight in the fall. Sound familiar? It might to those familiar with our annual Star of Bethlehem shows.

This June – July, Jupiter Venus Conjunction, the one that happened last fall in the morning sky, to repeat again in the morning sky this fall is similar to the pattern of 3-2 BC that we know as the probable “Star of Bethlehem.” On June 30-July 1 from North America you will see almost —not quite— what the Wisemen and others watching the sky saw on June 17, 2 BC. Read more including observing hints, charts and a stunning photo of the Moon – Jupiter – Venus triangle of Saturday evening June 20, 2015.


On July 14, —Tuesday of 3 Rivers Festival Week— after a 10 year, 3 billion mile journey the New Horizons spacecraft will fly by Binary Dwarf Planet Pluto and its system of 5 moons.

The Schouweiler has teamed up with The Fort Wayne Astronomical Society to plan events to prepare you for this space exploration first and share some of the first close up images of Pluto.

Under the title Pluto Celebration, there will be two identical informational events: one on July 2nd and the other on July 8th, called Pluto Up Close and Personal. Plan to attend one or the other. There will be stories, information about Pluto, the New Horizons Mission, and much, much more including take home stuff and few door prizes. The two Pluto Up Close and Personal events are free public events.

In addition, the July Public Observing Saturday Nights at the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society New Haven Observatory will include attempts to see Pluto through the 16-inch telescope.

Finally all of the Schouweiler Planetarium Three Rivers Shows will include a Pluto-New Horizons Update during the Pre-Show after ticket purchase and before the planetarium show.


During Three Rivers Festival, the Schouweiler Planetarium will present a total of eight Planetarium Experiences in its customary 2-part style: A “show” and a staff led tour of the night sky, plus a pre-show in Gunderson Auditorium while waiting to be seated in the planetarium.

Over the course of the two weekends, there will be 4 evening “5th Grade – Adult shows and 4 afternoon Family Matinees targeted “children and their “adult friends.”

The full Three Rivers Fest Planetarium show schedules, titles and other details are on the Public Programs.  Click the Public Programs tab on the left of this page.

Hope to see you at a few of the above June-July events. May the skies be clear for all of us for the Jupiter-Venus close encounter “faux Christmas Star” on the 30th and 1st.

Notes from the Director

The Schouweiler Adds Additional Program Category For Group Programs

March 9, 2015

In recent years we have learned that some of our private group clients require a bit more “live hands on time” than our basic planetarium experience. For these groups our 2-Fer provides much more time than they need. In addition to our 90-minute Basic Planetarium Experience and our Four hour, 2 show, 2-Fer Planetarium Experience Read More »

The Schouweiler Planetarium Experience

December 1, 2014

Attendees to our public and private group planetarium experiences know that each 90-minute experience consists of 2 parts: a pre-produced multi-media “show” and a staff led live participation session. For our public planetarium experiences the live staff led session consists of a tour of the current night sky, as well as star chart and basic Read More »

Fall Planetarium Weekend

November 11, 2014

There will not be a Fall Planetarium Weekend this fall of 2014. This weekend was originally scheduled for our Fall Planetarium Weekend. Instead we will be celebrating the life of Chris Highlen, the Schouweiler’s first and only Technician since 2001. Please read the following article.